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The 24th China international coatings, inks and adhesives exhibition the 32nd China international surface treatment, coating and coating products exhibition

Date  2019-10-16 18:55:11 Shenzhen Prechem New Materials Co.,Ltd Read

The exhibition has been serving the industry since 1996, and is currently held annually in Shanghai and guangzhou alternately. It has been committed to providing an international exhibition and trade platform for the suppliers and manufacturers of coatings industry, with face-to-face contact with audiences from all over the world, especially from China and Asia.With a total exhibition area of 78,500 square meters, the 2018 guangzhou exhibition attracted 35,540 visitors from 91 countries/regions and 1,291 exhibitors from 31 countries/regions, the largest ever.

Production of coatings, ink and adhesives of various raw materials

Oil and fatty acids

Natural/synthetic resins and intermediates

Pigments, fillers, fillers and dyes

Solvents and plasticizers


Functional AIDS *

Functional materials

Functional and intelligent coatings and inks


* including: thickener, surfactant, pigment dispersant, emulsifier, crosslinking agent, defoamer/foam suppressor, anti-skincare agent, levelling agent, fungicide, drier, stabilizer, wax, etc

Production/packaging equipment and installation

Mass production equipment and equipment

Mixer/mixer and high speed disperser

Handling and packing

Dispensing, charging and mixing/mixing systems

Automation and internal management

Filter, pump, meter/weighing device

Grinding machine, mixer/mixer and accessories

Color disperser

Packaging and labeling machine

Measurement and testing for qc and r&d

Color and other visual features

Innovation in measurement and testing

Dry film and mechanical properties (including durability)

The chemical characteristics of

Paint characteristics (viscosity, rheology, wettability, etc.)

Surface analysis

Powder coating

Suitable for terminal application of resin and pigment

Extruder/extruder/kneader and other production equipment

Uv and NIR curing powder coatings

Triglycidyl isocyanate system

Improve dispersion and use of solid solvents

Powder coatings for temperature-sensitive substrates

Polyester substitute

Metal effect powder coating

UV/EB curing technology and products

Raw materials: active diluent (monomer), oligomer, photoinitiator, pigment, auxiliaries, etc

Formula: UV coating, UV ink, UV adhesive, printing plate, photoresist, UV ink for printed circuit, dry film, optical imaging ink, optical casting, surface optical grafting, etc

Light source and equipment: UV light source, electron beam equipment, light curing equipment, coating equipment, material performance testing instruments (for coatings, inks, adhesives), UV dosimeter, etc

Safety, health, environment and other services

Daily plant management

Waste water/waste/waste gas treatment

Packaging and waste water/waste/waste gas reduction

Environmental protection and safety equipment

Technical information


Clean and sanitary surface

Environmental protection technology


Various coating, ink and adhesive products

Mechanical finishing process

Grinding, polishing, vibration polishing, waxing, deburring, sandblasting and shot peening equipment, anti-rust derusting technology

Chemical processing, raw materials and equipment

Cleaning, pretreatment, electric cleaning, chemical cleaning, ultrasonic, impregnation, pickling and degreasing method (chemical/electrolysis), conversion coating, phosphating, oxidation, silane treatment and oxidation of aluminium and aluminium alloy, etc.), electroplating, plastic plating, vacuum plating, electrophoresis coating (anode/cathode), anodic oxidation, metallic, plasma surface treatment technology, equipment and raw materials, etc

Coating equipment and auxiliary products

Paint coating, powder coating, thermal spraying, spraying room, conveying system, oven, automatic control system, automatic manipulator painting system, recovery system, rewinding machine, other equipment and accessories

Coating product

Non-stick coatings, uv curing coatings, industrial coatings, automotive coatings, powder coatings, heavy corrosion coatings, various functional coatings (anti-infrared and uv coatings)

Environmental protection, safety and protection equipment

Cleaning equipment, waste liquid/waste gas/waste residue treatment, dust removal, ventilation and air pollution control

Engineering and support services

Engineering design, whole plant equipment, all kinds of quality control, thickness, color, chemical characteristics, measuring and testing instruments, consulting services, publications and other services